On 8 November in Tartas, Maïsadour held its first one-day meeting with farmers belonging to the various Organisations of Producers. This was an essential opportunity to present the results of the past financial year and look ahead to the future.
Photo de la salle et des spectateurs à Tartas
Echanges lors de l'AG d'OP à Tartas le 8 novembre 2023

More than 300 people attended this day of exchanges and meetings.

The event provided an opportunity to have a view of the Group’s animal and vegetal production, after a year marked by difficult weather conditions, ongoing inflation and an unprecedented avian influenza crisis in the spring.

Despite these conditions, farmer members, supported by Maïsadour teams, were able to adapt.

At the same time, stalls and an exhibition of agricultural equipment were also available to the farmers.

Consumer specialist Philippe Goetzmann as guest speaker

To shed scientific light on poultry consumption in France, Maïsadour invited Philippe Goetzmann, a specialist in consumption, distribution and food and a member of France’s Académie de l’Agriculture, to attend the General Assembly of Poultry and Palmiped Producers.

He spoke about new consumer trends.

Philippe Goetzmann
Philippe Goetzmann

Watch our interview with Philippe Goetzmann :

(in French)

What is an Organisation of Producers ?

An Organisation of Producers (OP) is formed on the initiative of a group of farmers who come together to pool their resources in order to achieve a better balance in their commercial relations with the economic players downstream in their sector.

Within our Cooperative, there are 5 Organisations of Producers and Groups of Producers : Seeds, Specialty Corn and Field Crops, Fruit and Vegetables, Poultry, Palmipeds.


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