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Since 2018, Maïsadour, in partnership with the American company Driscolls, has offered its members the opportunity to experiment with a new crop: Raspberry. The crop is currently in bloom and the first fruits are expected in early June.


Faced with fast-growing markets and strong demand for local French production, raspberry cultivation has gradually spread among Group members.


Farmer in Bénesse-Maremne (40), Maxime Gemain started producing raspberries in 2020. We met him with his technical advisor Coralie Desroches. ​


Why did you decide to focus on raspberry production?

Maxime Gemain: The cultivation of raspberries complements that of asparagus well, because we can pool the workforce. It’s an even more technical production than asparagus, that’s what made me want to take the plunge.

Why is raspberry cultivation so technical?

Coralie Desroches: The raspberry is delicate. It requires daily monitoring in terms of irrigation, fertilization and protection. In addition to strong technical expertise in crop management, labor management is an additional challenge. When setting up the workshop on Maxime’s farm, Maïsadour provided appropriate and sustained technical support to enable him to launch his workshop in the best possible conditions.

How were you supported by Maïsadour for this culture?

Maxime Gemain: I made two “study” trips to the Netherlands to see how cultivation was carried out there. Here we do not have the same weather, we had to adapt. But Maïsadour supported me very well, as well as Driscoll, the customer who buys the fruit. Maïsadour, under an exclusive contract with Driscoll, offers a “turnkey” project: the equipment, the cultivation and harvesting model… It’s very reassuring! and above all, all the chances are on our side to succeed.

What advice do you give for technical follow-up?

Coralie Desroches : Apart from a technical approach to cultivation management, we carry out actions in favor of respect for the environment and biodiversity. We use products that respect the “Organic Agriculture” specifications, auxiliaries or traps to regulate parasitic pressure. Pollination is also a key element of success in raspberries. For this, hives are installed near the farm by a beekeeper. This production is therefore very virtuous!

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