C'son Bio
Sauvag’in is a special range of feed for your waterbird hunting appellants and your ornamental palmipeds.

Our history

The beginning of the adventure C’SON BIO is, above all, men and women who grew up on farms in the South-West of France and who want to do something to help the agricultural world take new directions. They were able to find allies who shared their concerns within the Sud-Ouest Aliment company, and convinced the decision-makers that they had a role to play in the development of organic feed for animals. With the 80 years of expertise of Sud-Ouest Aliment partner cooperatives and their financial support, they were able to find new farmers ready to engage in organic farming, to set up a site dedicated to the production of organic feed and to give birth to the brand C’SON BIO.

Priority to local organic!

Ingredients coming directly from the nearest fields, this is our choice to promote the regional organic!

A production site 100% dedicated to organic

C'SON BIO recipes are made at our production site in Castelnau-d'Auzan, in the heart of Gers, and especially in the heart of the largest French organic region. Indeed, the Occitania has more than 7.000 organic farms

100% organic recipes

For us, feeding your animals with organic feed is logical and natural! We are convinced of this. C’SON BIO, 100% organic feed and nothing else!

Our fight for organic soybeans from the south-west of france

To meet our need for organic soybeans, we decided to produce it on site rather than import it! Thus, our soybean meal is 100% organic and 100% from the South-West of France!

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