SOAL Racing

SOAL Racing feeding excellence
With 40 years of experience and a dominant position in the French equine market, Sud-Ouest Aliment creates SOAL RACING, a new generation of premium feed respecting the digestive physiology of horses and their environment. The SOAL RACING range is dedicated to high-level racing and breeding horses. It was scientifically designed in collaboration with the best nutritionists and engineers in France.

The soal racing adventure

The SOAL RACING adventure began with a meeting between some specialists of equine nutrition of Sud-Ouest Aliment and a young coach who guessed from the beginning that Timoko could be a champion.

With this exceptional collaboration alongside Richard Westerink and some professionals including Antoine de Watrigant for the gallop, the teams of technicians and engineers of Sud-Ouest Aliment have developed a new concept of equine nutrition, SOAL RACING, intended for all high-level horses and for all disciplines: trotting, galloping, endurance, complete… without forgetting breeding.


Values making SOAL Racing unique

Digestive efficiency and safety enhanced by multiple intakes

  • Probiotics stabilizing and strengthening the intestinal flora;
  • Pre-biotics reducing the impact of pathogenic bacteria, promoting the development of beneficial intestinal flora and strengthening natural defenses

Muscular safety

High-quality proteins and a strengthened pool of amino acids for optimal muscle development.

Osteoarticular safety

  • Mastering energy and protein inputs to promote optimal growth;
  • Muscle and skeletal development without overweight,

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