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Rugby, the unavoidable sport of the South West

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Rugby arrived from the United Kingdom in 1872 and is today a true emblem of the Landes culture. Popular in the north of France, first in Le Havre and then in the Paris region, it was from Bordeaux that rugby spread to the rest of the country and more particularly to the southwest.

Specialists believe that the milder climate of the region allowed rugby to be played all year round, even in winter. However, the sport also echoed local customs such as the Basque strength games.

The Stade Montois Rugby, a centenary and mythical club created in 1908, has become one of the local pride. The Stade Montois Rugby has been in the TOP14 (the highest national level) for the 2002-2003 and 2008-2009 seasons and is anchored in a rugby land and benefits from a real passion from the supporters.

Basketball, real sports talents in the Southwest

Born in the United States in 1891, basketball became popular and directly appealed to women, because it was a team sport that did not rely solely on strength, unlike most American sports. It arrived in France in 1893, and was presented as “the favorite game of young girls”.

Women’s basketball matches were held in the Paris region. The French women’s team was created in 1923, and the first women’s basketball world championship was organized in 1953. It is in Eyres-Moncube that the EFC Basket is born (acronym which shows the union of three villages: Eyres, Fargues, Coudures). Over the years, the team evolves and performs. The village of Eyres-Moncube is no longer able to meet the financial needs of the club, and only the department can carry this ambitious project: EFCB women’s basketball then becomes Basket Landes.

In 2016, basketball had 11,187 members out of the 112,000 registered in the Landes, all disciplines combined, making it the number one sport practiced in the department. Basket Landes is the women’s team ambassador of Landes values, and it conveys a positive and dynamic image at national and regional levels. Being part of the elite of women’s basketball, its players play at the highest level and win two trophies: the French championship in 2021 and the French cup in 2022.

Team spirit and solidarity: common values

Situated between emblems of the regional landscape and reflections of local traditions, the historic partnerships established between the Maïsadour Group and both Basket Landes and Stade Montois Rugby are based on shared values. Team spirit, an essential element of any sports club, is also very present at Maïsadour. Indeed, our employees work for the success of our members and our sectors. In addition, as part of these partnerships, the club coaches work with our employees. So we share the same values and even good advice!

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