Maïsadour Annual General Meeting: the Group looks to the future with AMBITION 2030

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Over 150 people attended the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday morning. They heard a presentation by Sébastien Roumegous, agronomist and specialist in soils and regenerative agriculture and founder of “Biosphères”, on preserving soil quality, one of the key elements of the Ambition 2030 corporate strategy.

Intervention de Sebastien Roumegous, Assemblée Générale Statutaire 2023

Around 350 people attended the public General Meeting in the afternoon. Employees, members, elected representatives, experts and institutions all came together for this event, which gave the Group the opportunity to look ahead to the future of agriculture in a context heavily impacted by climatic and economic hazards. To mark the occasion, Bertrand Piccard, explorer and Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation – which promotes innovative solutions to combat climate change – gave an inspiring speech, duplexed from COP28 in Dubai, on the subject of ecological sustainability combined with economic sustainability in agriculture.

Three round tables were also held on the subjects of “Planet and Life, People and Territories, and Healthy, Sustainable and Accessible Food”. These round tables highlighted the initial actions implemented by Maïsadour to address these key issues.

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Conférence de presse, assemblée générale 2023, Comex de Maïsadour
Conférence de presse, assemblée générale 2023, Comex de Maïsadour

With sales up on last year, Maïsadour, thanks to its new Ambition 2030 strategy, is doing its utmost to offer effective solutions to farmers, while preserving ecosystems and the profitability of all its sectors. This was the message conveyed at the press conference held this morning. Daniel Peyraube, Chairman of Maïsadour and Christophe Bonno, Managing Director, along with Maïsadour’s 4 divisional directors, Jean-Louis Zwick (Agricultural Division), Pierre Flye Sainte Marie (Seeds Division), Vincent Robin (Poultry Division) and Eric Humblot (MVVH) and Christelle Forzy, QHSE and Sustainable Development Director, were able to answer questions from the thirty or so journalists in attendance.

The Group’s strong, bold messages were relayed by several regional and trade press outlets. To date, some thirty articles have already been published!

Maisadour Group

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