Opening ceremony of the new Fermiers du Gers factory in Condom

Maïsadour Group
On October 6th, the new Fermiers du Gers factory in Condom was inaugurated. An extension of more than 3 500 m² has been realized to integrate the most performing technologies.

Poultry: a strategic sector for maïsadour

Inauguration nouvelle usine Condom

France is one of the countries that consumes the most poultry per year; only in 2021 each inhabitant consumed about 28.5 kg.  The Maïsadour Cooperative Group has therefore decided to invest in the sector by expanding the Condom plant with an additional 3500 m2 of space, making it more efficient and effective. 

A significant project with an investment of 15M euros, also supported by Europe, the Occitanie region and the State in the framework of energy performance.

The project was carried out in a process of 4 major performance objectives:

  • Gaining in industrial performance
  • Maintain and improve the flexibility of the process to meet our 2 main business niches
  • Improve the ergonomics of the work stations and limit handling operations
  • Initiate an approach of energy sobriety and make possible the decarbonization of the site

A more modern and efficient site

From slaughtering to clamping, cutting and packaging, all phases of the chain have improved in performance. The new processes have made it possible to work on products that were not previously offered, but also to be more precise in terms of size to better meet customer demand.

They also allow better measurement of each animal and better monitoring of yields as well as better management of cardboard stock and composting.

The employees can also benefit from better working conditions thanks to more ergonomic workstations, particularly in terms of the height of the workstations, better handling of the transitic and automation, which reduces night work.

100% local chicken

In addition to the major objectives mentioned, the project was carried out with the aim of further developing the Poulet d’ici brand, chicken born, raised, fed and processed in Occitania and Nouvelle-Aquitaine.



A look back at the condom factory's opening ceremony

Today, the Condom factory is the most modern poultry processing site in the South West of France, the most environmentally friendly and, of course, the most efficient!
Simon Augereau - Inauguration nouvelle usine Condom
Simon Augereau
Director of Fermiers du Gers
Maïsadour Group

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