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Last week, France 2 filmed a report on our new 100% local, GMO-free soybean production chain, a project supported by Maïsadour and Vivadour.

Graines d'alliance: an ambitious, innovative and sustainable project

The project, born in 2021, is the result of the reconditioning of a former food factory located in Saint-Sever.
The first trials began in September 2022, thus concretizing the realization of an innovative project consistent with the Cooperative’s approach, which is turning towards sustainable processing in order to satisfy the needs of its members. 

Graines d'alliance - soja - France 2 - reportage

This project is virtuous: the use of local soy produced by local farmers aims to reduce imports of deforesting soy from South America. The soybeans used and the soybean meal produced are 100% non-GMO and 100% non-deforesting.

From soybeans to free-range chicken

Through its report, France 2 sheds light on the entire soybean chain: from the seed planted in the farmer’s field to the incorporation of the meal into the chicken feed of the farmers.

Thanks to the testimonies of Jean-Louis Zwick, director of the agricultural division, and Gregory Grange, manager of the Graines d’alliance plant, viewers can understand the project, its stakes and how soybean meal is manufactured!

The report will soon be available on France 2. Of course, we will tell you when!

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