The Maïsadour Group participates in energy sobriety through “electricity shedding”.

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On June 5, a film crew was present at the Sud-Ouest Aliment (SOAL) site in Saint-Sylvestre-sur-Lot (47). The aim was to showcase the "electricity reduction" approach implemented several years ago at six sites in the Animal Nutrition division. We explain it all in five questions put to Sandrine Dupuy, Industrial Performance Manager for the Agricultural Division.
Tournage Enerdigit, St Sylvestre sur Lot, usine SOAL pour la sobriété énergetique

What is "electricity shedding"?

The power grid must constantly balance generation and consumption to meet France’s electricity supply needs. Nevertheless, it can be confronted with consumption peaks when there is a high demand for electricity (in periods of extreme cold, for example).

In the past, the only way to keep the grid balanced during these peaks was to activate additional thermal generation resources, which were costly, polluting and emitted CO2.

Today, balancing the power system during peak periods can be achieved by “load shedding”. Load shedding consists in stopping electricity consumption at a given site at a given time, for a defined period, according to the needs of the network.

How does it work at Maïsadour?

Maïsadour works with Enerdigit, a partner in the electrical load shedding business. This company contacts the Group in the event of a peak in consumption, and asks it to stop the site’s activity for a few hours. The process is perfectly organized site by site. There are no consequences for our customers, nor for the quality of our products.

What's in it for Maïsadour?

This system is virtuous on several levels.

It’s an energy balancing solution: load shedding keeps the grid in balance and limits power cuts.

It’s an ecological solution: thanks to load shedding, there’s no need to generate electricity from polluting sites.

It’s an economic solution: the company that performs load shedding is remunerated for this activity.

Tournage Enerdigit, St Sylvestre sur Lot, usine SOAL pour la sobriété énergetique

Which Maïsadour sites are affected?

Six feed manufacturing plants are taking part: Sud-Ouest Aliment in Pomarez (40), Saint-Sylvestre-sur-Lot (47), Auch (32), Anan (31), Baigts-de-Béarn (64) and Gourdon (46).

This approach will be extended to other SOAL sites and cereal silos in the near future.

Who is Enerdigit?

Founded in 2015, Enerdigit is an innovative independent company, created in response to the modernization of the electricity grid and the rise of the smartgrid movement (companies that connect energy producers and consumers). Today, the company has 15 employees and deploys solutions enabling the power grid to remain balanced and businesses to join the energy transition.

Logo Enerdigit

Watch the Enerdigit video explaining this approach !

Accelerating our approach to energy sobriety is more important than ever! Load shedding is an integral part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

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