Like every year in the Landes region, farmers are working hard to ensure a good asparagus harvest. This local crop provides a stable outlet for producers. In response to consumer demand, Maïsadour is launching a recruitment campaign to find new asparagus growers.

"Do you fancy asparagus? a call to new producers to maintain the industry in the Landes region

This year, Maïsadour is rolling out a major communications campaign to attract new producers.

Photo de Lucie Gemain
Lucie Gemain, Head of Fresh Vegetables at Maïsadour

Today, the challenge is not to develop the sector, but to maintain this quality production in the region. There are a few misconceptions about this crop: workload, technique and rigour, difficulties in recruiting and managing labour, etc. But the crop is well established in the region and the support provided by VEGA* Maïsadour advisors helps to overcome these obstacles.

The important thing to remember is that growers can ensure a good harvest with a small area available, and that once they have mastered the technique, growing asparagus becomes exciting. Attracting new growers will ensure a promising future for asparagus growing in the Landes, while preserving the region’s exceptional gastronomic heritage.”

Growing asparagus: a lucrative economic pillar for producers

For more than 15 years, Maïsadour has been developing a 100% local asparagus sector (green and white asparagus certified PGI “Asperges des Sables des Landes” or Global Cap). In association with Priméale, the national market leader, Maïsadour ensures the sustainability of local production while offering stable outlets for producers. Asparagus remains one of the most lucrative crops in the department, accounting for 36% of the area cultivated in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

France is the 4th largest producer of asparagus in Europe. The French eat an average of 630g of asparagus per household per year.

Photo de Maxime Pallin
Maxime Pallin, asparagus producer at Le Temple (33)

Maïsadour gives us support from start to finish. The advisors help us choose planting, varieties, soil improvers, fertilisers, etc. Then, when it comes to crop monitoring, they enable us to manage the vegetation like a good father, with technicians who are always ready to listen. This support extends right through to harvesting, with training for our seasonal workers, which is very important because asparagus harvesting requires a lot of manpower. With Maïsadour, we are committed to eight-year contracts, which is a real advantage for securing our income throughout this period.”

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#DansLeursBottes : Read Maxime Pallin’s testimonial on LinkedIn :

With passion, he takes us through the different stages of production of this crop, which is both technical and promising for his farm!

VEGA* Maïsadour supports farmers from upstream to downstream, from the choice of varieties to advice on harvesting and collection. A sustainable approach is favoured, with a significant reduction in the use of plant protection products. Biostimulants are widely used to strengthen plants and protect them from disease, reducing the use of crop protection products. This practice is part of the development of the agro-ecological transition supported by the Group, helping to preserve the local ecosystem.

The technical and meticulous cultivation of asparagus enhances the work of producers, and represents a diversification of activity with high added value, ensuring a regular income for farmers in the South-West of France.


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