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MAS Seeds selects and markets its own seeds of maize, oilseeds and various other plant species. Its mission is to develop quality seeds and to offer innovative solutions to the farmers.

From Maïsadour semences to MAS seeds

The seed activity of the Maïsadour Cooperative Group began in 1949, a few years after the creation of the farmers cooperative, in 1936, in the South-West of France. The ambition was then very strong: to produce, create and supply quality hybrid maize seeds in a growing French market. This ambition has been largely exceeded 70 years later.

Today, MAS Seeds has become an international seed company, commercially present in more than 50 countries, with more than 60% of its workforce spread out of France. Recognized in maize but also in sunflower and alfalfa, it also intervenes in other plant species. To reflect the new ambitions of the company, the brand needed a new name and an updated image fitting into its history and better adapted to the international dimension and the diversity of its activities. Thus, in 2018, Maïsadour Semences became MAS Seeds.


MAS seeds offers and activities

With more than 70 years of experience in the seed fields, MAS Seeds offers sustainable seeds and solutions.

Seeds of maize, oleaginous, alfalfa & other species

Seed protection & biostimulants

Agroplus & Nutriplus agronomic solutions

MAS seeds is now structured around three business lines:

Values making mas seeds unique

Since 1949, we have been partnering with farmers to provide answers to the challenges of agriculture.


All our employees are viscerally attached to the land, agriculture and seeds. This passion generates a constant commitment to our clients and partners, as well as lasting and unbreakable relationships.

Team spirit

Our cooperative origins, the pleasure of working and being more effective collectively, the sense of solidarity to face the difficult challenges, represent for us a real strength.


Respecting the other, knowing how to listen to each other, understanding the needs, the wills of our customers, of our partners and employees, this is a true mindset for us, whatever the origins and the cultures.

Taste for challenge

New products, new solutions, new territories... We promote individual and collective initiatives, and, for us, the challenge is a driving force.

Long-term meaning

Being farmer is to grow the future. With our customers and partners, we develop long-term, trusting relationships and a shared vision of profitable and sustainable agriculture.
Femme travaillant en laboratoire


Creating new performant varieties is the vocation of our researchers. Around genetics and agronomy, we constantly invent new practices, and we commit all our strengths in these paths to bring added value to our customers.

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