A responsible and ecofriendly agriculture

We are a committed Cooperative from the South-West of France, we place Man and the Livings at the heart of our concerns, for a sustainable agriculture, food and society.  

Our CSR mission

The farmers and employees of Maïsadour promote sustainable agricultural practices and chains of excellence in order to develop their territory and the local economy.

They offer quality products for healthy and responsible food while respecting the livings, the resources and the biodiversity in a framework combining cooperative culture and quality of working life.

Label engagé RSE, confirmé 2 étoiles. modèle AFNAQ 26000

Maïsadour gets the “confirmed” CSR label

Becoming CSR committed is sending a strong message: the one of an organization assuming the impacts of its decisions and which is committed to the sustainable development of its activities.

Maïsadour wanted to be part of this approach and had it certified by an independent agency: AFNOR.

This CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) labeling allows Maïsadour’s commitments and actions for animal welfare, fight against climate change, quality of working life work, preservation of the biodiversity, etc., to be recognized.

This labeling is based on the only recognized international standard for sustainable development: ISO 26 000.

After a 4-day audit in December 2021, the Maïsadour Cooperative was awarded the “committed CSR” label.

In order to implement this approach in all its subsidiaries, Maïsadour is the first Agricultural Cooperative in France to have established its own reference system, thus Maïsadour proves its commitment to responsible agriculture preparing for the future. ”.

Maïsadour, committed to a sustainable agriculture, food and society

Maïsadour supports the farmers for the deployment of sustainable agricultural practices in order to preserve their territory and develop the local economy.

We lead some chains of excellence and create quality products for a healthy and responsible food. We value our farmers’ production in France and internationally.

Ensuring the economic and environmental performance of farms

Maïsadour supports its territories and participates in local development by creating economic activities and jobs through a strong anchorage. The Cooperative works to ensure the sustainability of the farms by accelerating their adaptation to economic, social and environmental expectations.
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Developing chains to offer quality and sustainable food

Maïsadour develops integrated chains and thus ensures a sustainable market for its farmers’ productions. By offering the consumers tasty and responsible products, Maïsadour always works for greater transparency and quality.
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Preserving the resources, the livings and the biodiversity

Respecting the planet and preserving the biodiversity are essential. Maïsadour is taking concrete action to reduce carbon impact and preserve resources. The Group is committed to develop renewable energies, innovate, master and improve its industrial tools and its environmental performance.
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Evolving together in both a safe and quality of working life environment

Maïsadour ambition is to become a reference cooperative employer in terms of employee safety and quality of working life. Maïsadour has defined strong actions in several areas: safety management, training, social dialog, occupational health and professional equality.
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Notre engagement vis a vis du pacte mondial

Our commitment concerning the global compact and sustainable development goals

In 2015, the UN Member States have adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals to set the course for a better and more sustainable future for all.

The “Maïsadour 2026” Strategy and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals are the bases that allowed to define the challenges of the Group.

They have been regrouped in 4 commitments for a responsible and sustainable economical development.

Our recognized quality labels and signs

Maïsadour develops quality labels and signs in order to ensure the authenticity, the quality, the traceability and the safety of its products.

Today, our actions are divided into three themes, illustrated by a few examples of the certificates in force in the Group (non-exhaustive list).

Red label

The Red Label is a national sign designating products that, by their production/ manufacturing conditions, have a higher level of quality than other similar products.

Organic farming

The organic farming is a method of production combining best environmental practices, respect for biodiversity, preservation of natural resources and high level of animal welfare.


The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) labels ensure sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

The protected geographical indication (PGI)

The Protected Geographical Indication refers to agricultural products and food which characteristics are related to a geographical area in which their production, processing or production takes place.

Smoked salmon charter

The Smoked Salmon Charter in France ensures in particular the location on French territory of all the steps of selection, preparation and smoking of smoked salmon.

LEAF standard

The LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) standard ensures the care given by farmers to the production of food. It certifies the product has been subject to an eco-responsible approach.

ISO 14 001 Certification

The ISO 14 001 certification is the international standard for environmental management.

International Food Standard

IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium), developed by retail stores, have as common bases food safety and continuous improvement.

ISO 9001 Certification

The ISO 9001 certification guarantees an efficient organization for the quality of products and services and the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders.


Agriconfiance is a certification dedicated to the agricultural upstream chain, it values the quality of agricultural production and commitment to the environment.


GLOBAL G.A.P is a standard of good agricultural practices (G.A.P) recognized and applicable all over the world.

Innovation is a constant in our DNA

Maïsadour wants to offer its members a new agricultural model by developing sustainable agronomic solutions and new local productions. Faced with the challenges of the agro-ecological transition and societal expectations, innovation is essential for the development and sustainability of the Cooperative.

The 2021-2022 key figures

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of our industrial sites certified or assessed for CSR

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A rating on audited AEBEA (Association Etiquette Bien-Être Animal) slaughterhouses


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young members supported by Maïsadour