Preserving the resources, the livings and the biodiversity

Respecting the planet and preserving the biodiversity are essential. Maïsadour is taking concrete action to reduce carbon impact and preserve resources. 

Acting for an ever more sustainable agriculture

The Maïsadour Group is taking concrete action to reduce carbon impact and preserve resources. The Group is committed to develop renewable energies, innovate, master and improve its industrial tools and its environmental performance.

Maïsadour supports the farmers to develop an agriculture ever more respectful of the land, animals and people.

The challenges


Acting for animal welfare


Mastering the energetic consumption


Fighting against climate change


Limiting waste by promoting ecodesign


Acting for animal welfare

Anchored in the values of Maïsadour, the subject of animal welfare is carried by its modes of production that adapt to the rhythms and needs of animals. Maïsadour objective is to ensure the responsibility of its animal chains and to work continuously with the technical teams so that the bred animals express their natural behavior. In 2020, Maïsadour has reaffirmed and strengthened its commitment by deploying an “animal welfare politic”. The Group sets out the guiding principles of the approach by associating and empowering all employees in the sectors.


Mastering the energetic consumption, prioritizing renewable energies

As part of its “Maïsadour 2026” roadmap, the Group has made energy management and thus the climate challenge a crucial challenge. As a key player in the energy transition in the territories where the Cooperative is located, Maïsadour associates and empowers its employees and lays down four guiding principles: sobriety, energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, optimization of energy costs.

Very early on, the Group integrated the energy management approach into its industrial performance strategy. Besides, Maïsadour was the first ISO 50-001 certified cooperative in France in 2015 with 8 sites! This approach has been deployed in the recent years.


Fighting against climate change, preserving the water resource and biodiversity

Climate changes are now a concrete reality, as recent climate evolutions show it. Agriculture can and must be a solution in the fight against climate change, both by reducing its emissions and by playing a key role in carbon storage.

Maïsadour has 6 agrosites where experiments are carried out to answer a central question: how will a farmer grow his land in 10 years? Thus, Maïsadour develops its skill and continuously psuhes its members toward an ever more sustainable agriculture.

Since 2009, the Group has been committed to reducing its impact on climate change through many actions: carbon storage experiments, proposals for precision farming solutions, optimization of water management and specific varietal creations.


Limiting waste by promoting ecodesign

In order to develop offers adapted to the demands of consumers and to the expectations of society, Maïsadour innovates and is committed to limiting the impact of packaging on the environment in the agri-food sectors.

The Gourmet Business Line has set itself some ambitious objectives:

  • 100% of fresh fish rigid containers will be made from single-material rigid plastic in 2021.
  • Removing carbon black (dye perturbing selective sorting for recycling) from plastic containers in 2023
  • Designing 100% recyclable packaging and reducing their weight by 10% by 2025.



Trees, shrubs and plants planted since the beginning of agroforestry in livestock

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Of the electricity bought from renewable energies for the french sites

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