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The corn is still in the fields… but not for very long. Harvest time is fast approaching in the Southwest. Final preparations.

Harvest time is approaching

This year, corn is two to three weeks ahead. The particular climatic conditions upset the calendar. The start of the season for Maïsadour and its members was given on August 12 in Chalosse-Tursan, in areas with little or no irrigation, followed by the Landes, in certain plots of early sowing.

Maize collection: meticulous preparatory work

Harvesting is an intense time for producers as well as for Maïsadour, which organizes collections for its members, packages them and sells them to its customers in France and abroad. During this key period of the year, more than 300 people are mobilized with us. For several months within our cooperative, from the sales teams to operations and logistics, everyone has been working to guarantee the success of this campaign and successive operations. Each step is essential: collection, pre-storage, drying, transport, storage and sale.

Yield, earliness, quality and efficiency

Yield, earliness, quality, in the shortest time possible… these are the conditions for a successful and serene collection. The repeated heat strokes, the lack of water and an episode of hail in certain sectors reduced the potential by 50%. In terms of yields, it will therefore not be a good year. A few days before the harvest, we show our confidence in the quality of the grain. Throughout the year, we are at the side of the farmers and support them so that they harvest the corn as soon as possible. Early harvesting significantly reduces the mycotoxin content (quality-degrading fungi).

We are recruiting for fundraising!

Most of the collection carried out by Maïsadour should start the last week of August. Until the beginning of October – if the weather is favorable – farmers will bring their harvest six days a week. The grains will be dried and then stored in huge silos or in warehouses. Our cooperative group has a fleet of 15 silos and 40 collection points. One of the biggest challenges today is finding enough staff.

We are recruiting seasonal worker positions to take part in all the operations that are the responsibility of a center specializing in plant production: reception of farmers, site traffic management, reception, storage, monitoring of grain conservation, shipping, administrative monitoring of sales and inventory. This is the last straight line before the collection of grain maize. Positions to seize!

Maïsadour Group

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